So, what else is the tarot used for (besides fortunetelling)?

The tarot symbolism is open-ended. It encourages a multitude of approaches. I personally use it for study, meditation, and divination. These three applications often merge together and intermingle. The cards force me to take a little time out of my day and concentrate on deep spiritual issues. I use my mind, intuition and thoughts to interpret the interconnections of my life. The general goal is always self-development and a richer perspective.

Kabbalists view the tarot as hidden secrets of the Tree of Life. The 22 trumps of the major arcana relate to the 22 Hebrew letters and the 22 paths of the Tree; the ace to 10 in each suit relate to the 10 Sephiroth in the 4 Kabbalistic worlds; 16 court cards relate to the classical aspects in the 4 worlds. Sephiroth explains the nature of G-d, the paths between them explain methods of connecting to G-d. Ellen Cannon Reed’s books are what I use for my tarot readings if you are interested in learning more.

I like to study the cards and interpret them myself. I like reading the history of the cards themselves. The images on the cards have a particular symbolic, archetypal or mythic quality to them that I like. It conjures up revelations about human nature.

I also use them as a focus for meditation and visualisation for the day. I say an affirmation and pick a card and that is the card of the day to meditate on and visualise about.

The last way I use the cards is of course, Divination: I let go of my presumptions and I seek new unexpected ideas to come in. I shuffle the deck of cards. I choose cards from the deck and I consider that message in the wide scheme of things and of the query I’m examining. Even if it is not the greatest message, it is generally helpful in some way, it is something new to think about.

I leave my query in the arena of chance, where I can discover and acknowledge my own unimportance and imperfectness. The cards conjure images of gain and loss, power and impotence, joy and sorrow.  I begin to feel more serene and contented in the midst of these motions when I use the cards.

Blending the Torah and Tarot is something else I would like to look into.