It was not very long ago that we were celebrating Passover in our household. Where is the Witchy connection you might ask? And how can one put a Jewitchy spin on their Passover celebrations and Seders? I will endeavour to focus more on those issues in another post!

Today I would like to wish you a very Merry Samhain (or All Hallow’s Eve) to the southern hemisphere! This means I am lucky enough to celebrate Halloween at least twice a year (well, to be honest, it is really Halloween every single day in our household as we are goths and all).

I was also contemplating the fact that there are mainly negative imagery of witches in society and especially at Halloween time. Why is this so? And how do we go about changing this stereotype? That is something to consider.

To celebrate I would love to make some zombie cupcakes as per the book below (I really need to buy this book one day) as an offering however being gluten-intolerant and also on a strict diet I don’t think I will this year.

I lit candles, performed rituals and divination (using pumpkin seeds of course). I also fed our 7-month-old daughter pumpkin today which I thought was quite appropriate for the occasion.

I honoured several deceased spirits today as well with incantations.

At this time the apple harvest begins, so I used an apple cut in half to show its seeds of magick and placed it near the candles illumination. This certainly reminded me of Rosh Hashanah in some respects.

Until next time, Bright Blessings!

The Midnight Jewitch