I believe in the power and magick of affirmations. I have used them for many years now, and they always work. Sometimes it is the only form of magick I need. Sometimes I like to combine the use of affirmations with my tarot readings and other rituals / spells. But in essence, in my opinion, affirmations are all I really require in order to practice magick.

Source: Louise Hay

Of course the affirmations you write and say to yourself must be unique to you, must be meaningful to you personally and they need to be in the present tense. I also recommend that you recite them to yourself at least ten times every day in order for the affirmations to become reality and manifest actions. Of course change doesn’t occur overnight and changing your inner thoughts and inner dialgue certainly doesn’t change overnight either.

You need to evaluate your goals too and see whether the affirmations are changing your self-talk and not just passively assume things are changing for the better. You are responsible for your goals and actions that you need to complete to achieve those goals. I suggest you write down your affirmations as well as recite them out loud. Repetition is very important here.

Source: Louise Hay
Source: Louise Hay

Kabbalah states that we have the power to create and/or destroy… It is all psychological really. All the thoughts and words we think and utter produce an impression on the world and universe. Thinking about anything negative is thus not a good idea – it can even have a bad effect on other people. But Kabbalah also states that strong positive affirmations can protect and guard you against such negativity and badness. Kabbalists and rabbis also utilise amulets and red strings, for example, for added protection together with affirmations, creating a more positve aura within themselves and the world.

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