I recently finished reading New Age Judaism by Melinda Ribner, a very interesting Jewitch-related book. I have always considered myself “New Age” so it was really nice to find a book that focused on this topic.

I found it particularly relevant to Jewitches everywhere. It’s main emphasis is on guiding us in meditation, and Jewish healing meditations (Meditation Therapy) are incorporated throughout the book for you to practice and try.

The New Age shares many aspects of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism and the ancient wisdom of the Torah.


Ribner also recommends deep breathing, exercising and drinking plenty of water. The book also discusses angels, reincarnation, vegetarianism, religious observance, alternative medicine, holistic and spiritual healing, self-help, repentance, love and relationships. It is similar to other New Age books but with Hebrew words and Jewish themes incorporated within it.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting from this book, but I still felt it didn’t cover everything New Age within Judaism like I hoped it would. In other words, it lacked something extra. I think it focused too much on meditation as well. But all in all, a good read: 3/5