About 12 months ago, I delved into the world of “Paleo” eating. At first I thought it was some crazy fad diet that would be ridiculous and unattainable. But once I committed to trying this way of eating and also researching thoroughly, I fell in love with it all.

It has literally changed my life in so many different ways that I never would have imagined. Including my spiritual practices and general wellbeing.


In regards to my health, my skin condition which I have had since a young girl has almost completely disappeared. My debilitating migraines that I used to get on a weekly basis (especially severe during menstruation) have almost completely disappeared as well. Besides the occasional mild headache now and again, I have not had severe migraines that required heavy pain killers since before my Paleo lifestyle. I also have not had the PMT that I normally got every month. For the first time ever, I don’t even realise it is “that time of the month”. I just feel normal. It is astonishing to me, and life-changing.

I have a condition called TMJ which involves the clenching and grinding of my jaw / teeth during the night – it happens subconsciously when I am asleep. The Paleo lifestyle has reduced my overall pain associated with TMJ (which includes joint pain in the whole body). This is because Paleo eating reduces all the inflammation in the body to the point where you no longer feel inflamed even with auto-immune conditions like mine. This is why Paleo assists people with arthritis etc. It is amazing how the gut health of a person is so significant to their overall quality of life.

Paleo-Quote-1024x640I am now also a more proactive person, I have more energy for things that I normally would never fit into my day. For example, I try to get a bit more exercise into my day and I actually (shock horror) enjoy moving and doing things. Even the housework is easy and enjoyable. It sounds crazy, I know. I sleep better than I ever have before, even with a toddler that wakes me up during the night. Not surprisingly, I have also lost quite a bit of weight on Paleo. My relationships are more harmonious, because I am feeling more balanced and serene. For anyone who knows me, the other crazy thing is I have developed an interest in cooking. I had always hated to cook. Now I do most of the cooking and I actually enjoy it (shock horror).

I have also developed my spirituality in new ways since becoming a Paleo enthusiast. I meditate more frequently and respect nature in a new way. I attempt to live more sustainably these days. I focus on being a more positive person. I honestly feel that it has literally changed the way my brain operates. I am not cloudy or feeling uneasy, anxious or muddled. I used to suffer from anxiety a great deal. But I am now clear about my goals in life and my focus is precise and determined. I am sure there are many other ways that Paleo has changed me, but these are the main things.

163510_587265551291774_217544845_n-200x300As a Jewitch, it has taught me (or reminded me) that what we focus on frequently we actually attract into our lives. Appreciate everything in life. What you ask for you will get, if you put in the work. If we truly think we can succeed, we will. Decide what your goal is, be open to obtaining it, follow through. It’s up to you to be proactive and become the best person you can be. Creating loving self-talk and affirmations. I know you can do it! Avoid people who are negative or if they cannot be avoided, simply ignore them and do not let it rub off on you.

Control and create what you want to happen. That’s what true magick is all about. This is all what Jewitchery should be about. Go research Paleo and try it for yourself. I am living proof that it can change your life. Food truly is magickal. Food is medicine.