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What are the Jewitch reflections on the death of a loved one during Rosh Hashanah?

Happy Passover, Jewitchy folk!

It’s been ages since I have received a question from a reader to research and answer on this blog! Even though it’s actually Passover time, this query relates to Rosh Hashanah.

A female reader asks “What are the Jewitch reflections on my father in law passing away on the second night of Rosh Hashanah? AND having the funeral today, my 48th birthday?”

My response:

I’m not sure exactly how close you were with your father-in-law. Nevertheless, what has occurred certainly indicates a strong spiritual connection between the two of you. Continue reading “What are the Jewitch reflections on the death of a loved one during Rosh Hashanah?”

How to use Symbolism of Left and Right in your Jewitchery

Recently I received an email asking about left arm injuries and breaks and their significance: “Hello, I just want to know, from a Jewitch perspective, if there is any meaning behind a person who is constantly hurting their left arm. A friend of mine has had three breaks and three surgeries on their left arm. Please note: this person is right handed. Thanks.” To respond to this, we’ll delve into definitions, symbolism, angels, Kabbalah, tefillin, Jewish mysticism, the evil eye and the Torah.

Marks on heads, hands, arms, and on buildings are symbolically and spiritually significant. Arms and hands are symbols of strength. “Zeroah” is the Hebrew word for arm, meaning “the stretched out arm: force, help, mighty, power, shoulder, strength etc.”

Continue reading “How to use Symbolism of Left and Right in your Jewitchery”

Elevate all acts, even the mundane, to a higher spiritual place – Adina Chelom Interview

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing an old friend of mine, Adina Chelom, who is an observant, Orthodox Jewish woman. Here she discusses many different topics that I think you all may find helpful and interesting. Here are some of my favourite philosophies Adina shared:

  • Being a keeper of what was dear to those who came before me.
  • Elevate all acts, even the mundane, to a higher spiritual place.
  • Change the world into a better place.
  • There is nothing but the moment.
  • When we light candles we are adding to the light in the home.
  • As the light grows so does the mother’s love for her children.
  • Light conquering darkness is a repeating theme in Judaism.
  • Being observant has totally changed, enhancedand blessed everything in my world.
  • Torah is all encompassing.


Continue reading “Elevate all acts, even the mundane, to a higher spiritual place – Adina Chelom Interview”

How Paleolithic Eating Changed my Life and Spirituality

About 12 months ago, I delved into the world of “Paleo” eating. At first I thought it was some crazy fad diet that would be ridiculous and unattainable. But once I committed to trying this way of eating and also researching thoroughly, I fell in love with it all.

It has literally changed my life in so many different ways that I never would have imagined. Including my spiritual practices and general wellbeing.


Continue reading “How Paleolithic Eating Changed my Life and Spirituality”

Interview with a Jewitch

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” {Nelson Mandela}


Shana Tova blessings to all the wonderful Jewitches out there, all over the world (and all my other wonderful readers who are curious to learn more about Jewitch spirituality). A sweet new year to you all and wishing you happiness and harmony. Also wishing you all a blessed Spring / Autumn Equinox (depending on which part of the world you reside in). Continue reading “Interview with a Jewitch”

New Age Judaism – Book Review

I recently finished reading New Age Judaism by Melinda Ribner, a very interesting Jewitch-related book. I have always considered myself “New Age” so it was really nice to find a book that focused on this topic.

I found it particularly relevant to Jewitches everywhere. It’s main emphasis is on guiding us in meditation, and Jewish healing meditations (Meditation Therapy) are incorporated throughout the book for you to practice and try.

The New Age shares many aspects of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism and the ancient wisdom of the Torah.


Continue reading “New Age Judaism – Book Review”

Magickal and Kabbalistic Affirmations

I believe in the power and magick of affirmations. I have used them for many years now, and they always work. Sometimes it is the only form of magick I need. Sometimes I like to combine the use of affirmations with my tarot readings and other rituals / spells. But in essence, in my opinion, affirmations are all I really require in order to practice magick.

Source: Louise Hay

Continue reading “Magickal and Kabbalistic Affirmations”

Letter about Converting

Sorry I have not posted on this blog for eternity, but life has been very hectic and I have moved house etc. But I did get an interesting letter from a reader the other day and I wanted to share it and also ask my readers if you have any other advice for her:

Continue reading “Letter about Converting”

Samhain (All Hallow’s Eve) 2011

It was not very long ago that we were celebrating Passover in our household. Where is the Witchy connection you might ask? And how can one put a Jewitchy spin on their Passover celebrations and Seders? I will endeavour to focus more on those issues in another post!

Today I would like to wish you a very Merry Samhain (or All Hallow’s Eve) to the southern hemisphere! This means I am lucky enough to celebrate Halloween at least twice a year (well, to be honest, it is really Halloween every single day in our household as we are goths and all). Continue reading “Samhain (All Hallow’s Eve) 2011”

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